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Our Battery Services

Beal Industrial is a full-service battery and charger company, and we offer a multitude of a la carte services to go along with our products.


Preventative Battery Maintenance

Beal Industrial is your go-to for preventative maintenance, which we offer to customers once or twice a year, on location, to take voltage and spot gravity readings, providing a report similar to our battery survey. We are proud to be the only company that can offer this type of preventative maintenance.


Battery Surveys

Want an enhanced understanding of your batteries? Beal Industrial comes to you to analyze your battery or batteries, making a complete report of their conditions. What’s included is taking voltage and spot gravity readings, and putting these details into a comprehensive report with your make, mode, serial number, age of battery, and visual inspection notes. This better enables us to make a recommendation on whether or not to visit our shop for further evaluation and to potentially have an internal evaluation. We also may recommend coming in for a thorough cleaning and load testing—a full-proof way to determine your battery’s length of life.


Opportunity Charging Evaluation

A favorite due to expediency, we now provide opportunity charging evaluations. With easy access to our mount, pull up during your next lunch or coffee break and plug into a battery charger that charges at a high rate to replace lost amperage.


Maintenance And Repair

We offer comprehensive fleet planned maintenance, provided every 30, 60, or 90 days, based on 200-hour intervals. Our fleet full maintenance contracts include, for a set price each month, coverage of all repairs (except that caused by abuse), as well as tires as per your contract. Additionally, mobile tire press service, featuring Maine Tire Products, is available for our customers’ solid tire needs.


Battery Watering Contracts

Watering batteries is an important step in maintaining battery performance and extending lifespan, but it can be a drain on company resources. To help businesses keep their batteries at optimal performance, without the manpower, we offer battery watering contracts. These contracts allow you to receive expert battery watering without investing manpower.


Warehouse Lighting Upgrades & Maintenance

Want to upgrade your fluorescent bulbs to LEDs? Have big miscellaneous electrical maintenance projects that your team can’t manage? Allow Beal to provide maintenance support. Our team can help with the maintenance tasks when you don’t have the proper maintenance team or when there are tasks your team can’t perform.